tutorials and instructions for the Mini Metal Maker

New Release - Stand Alone Metal Clay Extruder for REPRAP

Presenting our first hardware release designed to work with REPRAP and DIY 3D printers. 
This clay extrude head is the same head used in the full version of the Mini Metal Maker. 
It features heavy steel construction, stainless pistion, and a high torque geared stepper motor, 
providing nearly 300 pounds of pushing force to a syringe of metal clay. 



Video 01 - Presenting the Mini Metal Maker

An introduciton to the Mini Metal Maker, a small 3D printer that creates with Metal Clay.


Video 02 - Unboxing your Mini Metal Maker

An overview of all the supplies that are included with the Mini Metal Maker and Starter Pack.


Video 03 - Setting up your Mini Metal Maker & workspace

A video showing how to set up your computer workspace to make the most of your Mini Metal Maker 3D metal clay printer.


Video 04 - Setting up Open Source Software

This video walks you through the steps needed to get open source software set up on your computer for use with the Mini Metal Maker. Open source software is great because it is free and provides a large amount of adjustability and flexibility!


Mini Metal Made - Convert a drawing to a 3D printed metal object

This is the first video in an instructional searies featuring the Mini Metal Maker metal clay 3D printer. This episode shows how to use free software to convert a scanned drawing into a 3D object. It takes you through the steps of preparing the 3D object for printing with the Mini Metal Maker. Finally, it shows the print process and shows a bit about the cleanup both pre and post firing in the kiln. 

You can download the complete slideshow featured in this video here: (PDF)  MMM-Episode1-Slideshow
You can download the MMM config file shown in the video here: (zip) MMM-Episode1-ConfigFile
You can download the free software shown in the video from the following links: