Mini Metal Maker - do it yourself instructions & build files


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What you get:

  • 42 page manual with step by step instructions (PDF format)
  • Dozens of high quality 3D renderings & professional quality diagrams
  • Well organized list of parts to purchase / find / 3D print
  • A complete set of 3D object files to print (.stl format) 
  • Firmware to install on the assembled printer
  • A set of test objects to try as your first metal prints at home!  


About the printer:

  • Prints with metal clay from a syringe
  • Build volume is 6 cm cube 
  • Resolution is 150 micron (3 axis worm drive)
  • Electronics is based on Arduino RAMPS
  • Software toolchain is all open source


Build difficulty: Moderate

  • Requires some workshop tool use
  • Requires some 3d printing to make
  • Requires some firmware modding & settings tweaking
  • Assembly time (with all parts on hand): 4-6 hours



David Hartkop with an assembled MMM-DIY

About the author: David Hartkop is the inventor of the Mini Metal Maker and the Mini Metal Maker DIY kit. He is currently working as the technology trainer for the Pueblo City-County Library District. Other business projects of his include creating the solar coffee roasters for Colorado based business Solar Roast Coffee and digital special effects for the film & television industry. He currently teaches a weekly class on 3D printing and modeling at the Rawlings Library in Pueblo, Colo. Pictured below is a pendant printed in bronze metal clay using the Mini Metal Maker DIY.