Layering Limit Solved: thicker clay, stronger motor.

May 2014


Layering Limit Solved!

As part of our R&D involving extruded metal clay, we have been looking for ways to make printed structures as tall as possible without clay deformation or slumping. Our first approaches involved relatively soft clay and the use of a fan and allowing drying time on a layer-by-layer basis. This practically limited our layering to around 15-20 layers. 

When Ben and I got together this last month to work on hardware & software, we made the move to a physically stronger extrusion motor. Simply put, it has enough power to extrude heavy clay. We have demonstrated vertical structures of 175+ layers with minimal slumping and excellent layer fusion upon firing.

I feel like we're finally getting the print quality to where we have wanted it to be!  Please stay tuned.