3D Scan to 3D Bronze

May 2014

We produced a proof-of-concept print that involved a 3D scan, some digital manipulation, a print with bronze clay, some clay clean-up, kiln firing, and a final polish. I think you will find the results quite compelling.

I made a scan of Lindsay with a Cube Sense 3D scanner:


I created 54 layers of g-code with Slic3r and printed it in bronze clay on the Mini Metal Maker:

The initial print looked rough, but cleaned up surprisingly well by simply rubbing with a wetted finger. Most of the blemishes were superficial 'crumbs' of clay left by the print head. The rubbed piece bears a nice fidelity to the 3d model:


After firing in a kiln, the piece consists of solid bronze:


The metal surface cleans to a shine after a quick scrub with steel wool:



The original still looks much better! However, it was a good experiment with higher layer-count printing and highly contoured printing: