Any color (as long as it's awesome red!)

July 2014

Machine body: finalized

Extruder design: finalized

X,Y motion system: finalized

Z-contact build plate design: finalized

Motors: ordered & received

CPUs & Driver cards: ordered & received

Clay formula: in development

Firmware, pressurization sequence: in development

Firmware, auto leveling interpreter: in development

Firmware, optimal print speed for height: in development

Software, Mini Metal Forge interface: in development

Software, Mini Metal Forge drivers: in development

Number of machines slated for production: 30
(These go to our top level contributors and to a few metal clay artisans. We encourage but do not require this group to participate as our beta testers to help us refine this production prototype into a releasable product in the near future!)

Production prototype color: Awesome Red.