First orders placed with fabricators

September 2014

We have ordered the first round of five official Mini Metal Maker pro machines from the fabricator. They'll be the first five of the 30 full machines that we will be shipping out to you, our supporters. Once we make the last little adjustments (no doubt, to holes that don't quite line up, etc. ) we'll order the remaining 25.

You can have it in any color, as long as it is fire-engine red.  >:-)

Ben is working through packaging up the install for our Mini Metal Forge software, which we will have available on the website in mid September. The software will have a drop-down setting for use with the MMM-DIY or the MMM-PRO.

Best wishes you all of you and thank you for your patience and support. We're both very excited to be able to finally fulfill the prizes we promised nearly a year ago.


David Hartkop
Mini Metal Maker project