Getting your machines up and running

February 28, 2015

It has been quite a month. First of all, I am pleased to finally announce that all but two lingering machines have been shipped to,and received by, their recipients. (If you haven't received your Mini Metal Maker and you were expecting it, please confirm your address with me. I don't want to ship to an empty building in Bolivia!) 

Breakage: As many of you know, there were several issues related to parts breaking during shipping. In particular, the build plate seems to be too fragile in its current form. If you have not received the additional instructions as per where to use superglue, please contact me. Also, we will be making design changes to the XY belt clasps so that they will not slip out of their grooves.

Clay: There may be some issues with the metal clay you received. As is murphy's law especially at the startup, we discovered after shipping that at least one batch was contaminated with paint flecks. If your clay jams the nozzle for no apparent reason, you have bad clay. Please let me know and I will forward new cartridges to you.

Software: Finally, though we do not have our own host software yet for you to use with the Mini Metal Maker, we were able to ship a set of set-up instructions for making prints using open source software. I plan on augmenting these instructions in the coming month with a set of video instructions. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Indiegogo campaign beginning tomorrow, March 1, 2015. This new campaign's purpose is to now take the machine we have created & bring it to market in a big way. 

Please stay in touch. I hope to get each and every one of you up and printing. :-)

-David Hartkop

Mini Metal Maker Project